Frequently Asked Questions


If I decide to become a sponsor, how do I know how many students I'll be impacting?

The $375 Learning with Lucky® Package provides supplies for a classroom of 30 students.

Can there be more than one sponsor per school?

Absolutely! There is no limit on the number of sponsors.

As a sponsor, how much involvement in the Learning with Lucky® program is required of me?

Your involvement is entirely determined by YOU! If you'd simply just like to write the check, that's up to you. If you'd like to be involved in the delivery of the puppies, that's up to you. If you'd like your employees to be involved, that's up to you. Many businesses find that by involving their employees in some fashion, builds morale.

I'd like to sponsor a school but I'm not sure which one. How do I pick a school or schools?

Any school will benefit from the Learning with Lucky® program, but as a sponsor, you may find it more beneficial if you pick a school(s) that is in close proximity to your business. This will allow you to be more involved if you choose. We are here to help, so just shoot us an email or give us a call.

I'd just like to be a silent sponsor. Is it possible to purchase the program anonymously?

Of course! But either way, the students will benefit from your generosity.

Can I pay for my sponsorship via a credit card?

Yes! You can make a credit card donation / sponsorship payment on our website! It's secure, it's easy, it's fast!

I have additional questions. Can I call and talk to a live person at Learning with Lucky®?

Sure! You can call the Top Dog at 503-523-6780.


When is the best time to launch the Learning with Lucky® program in my school?

It's best to have the reading pups in the classroom BEFORE school has started. This allows the teacher to design his/her program to fit their needs. Some teachers like the pups for the first day of school while others prefer to wait a week or so before beginning the program.

How can I get my community to get involved with the Learning with Lucky® program?

Some suggestions are: How about having upper classes come into the classroom to listen to the Learning with Lucky® kids read? How about having the high school kids build dog houses. The local Senior Citizens Center can make blankets, hats or scarves for the puppies. Have the local veterinarian come in and talk to the kids about caring for all animals. Take a field trip to the local animal shelter. We've got a ton of ideas for you, just contact us!

Is the Learning with Lucky® program only for first graders?

While Learning with Lucky® is designed for first graders, it can be equally successful for all young students for reading development. It also works in any language!

Do the teachers get any form of training to make sure the program produces successful results?

Yes! Each teacher will receive a Tips and Tricks guide to assist them. The Learning with Lucky® staff is also available for conference calls and in some cases, paws-on training!!

I have great pictures of my Learning with Lucky kids reading to their puppies. Can I get them posted on your website?

Sure! Just make sure that all school/parent photograph release guidelines are followed, then send your photos to: and in the subject line, type "Photos".

I'm a teacher and would like to talk with other teachers who have the Learning with Lucky® program in their classroom. Can you provide me with some contacts?

Sure! We've got plenty of teachers, principals and sponsors who would be happy to discuss the program with you! You can also read the testimonials on our What Teachers Say page.

Is shipping included in my order? Are there any shipping costs?

Yes, we charge $20 per LUCKY package for shipping/handling. Please contact us for shipping rates outside the US.

Are the puppies washable?

Yes they are and they require no feeding or cleaning up after!

Are the puppies and supplies shipped directly to the school or to the sponsor?

This is determined by the sponsor. They may or may not want to participate in the delivery of the puppies. If the sponsor does not want to be involved in the delivery of the puppies, we'll ship the puppies to the school.

How long does it take to receive my Learning with Lucky® Order?

Your order will be shipped or delivered within 2 days of receiving payment! We're fast like that!

I have additional questions. Can I call and talk to a live person at Learning with Lucky®?

Sure! You can call the Top Dog at 503-523-6780.

How do I find a sponsor for my school?

ANYONE can be a sponsor! Anyone who wants to make a life long difference in the life of a child! Examples of current sponsors are:

  • PTOs
  • Retired teachers
  • Moms, dads, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles
  • Businesses
  • Education Foundations
  • Civic Groups
  • Set up a GoFundMe account for your school
  • Sell Learning with Lucky Window Stickers as a fundraiser
Contact Learning with Lucky® with any questions or concerns! We will take care of the details!

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