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Reading Program

Learning With Lucky®

Reading activates young minds. Knowledge, imagination, curiosity and adventure are just some of the many benefits that people - young and old - can gain from a healthy appetite for reading. For many people, how they are introduced to reading can shape how they feel about it for the rest of their lives. Increasing classroom sizes and limited teacher resources can make it challenging for teachers to implement creative ways to encourage reading.


That's why we created this program, which is shaped by these key components:


It's FREE for teachers. Our costs are funded by sponsors, donors and grants.


Can be used at any grade level, language, and learning levels.


Combines friendship, positive reinforcement, and goals to motivate and encourage reading.

Learning with Lucky ignited a passion for reading among first graders at Silver Hills Elementary School.


My first graders love their puppies. They are reading a lot more because they want to earn all the fun rewards for their puppy.


The Puppies are extremely important in my classroom. They making "read to self" or "read to puppy" much more exciting. 


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Learning With Lucky®

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